How to Catch Lucky Pokemon?

Get lucky in Pokemon Go

Lucky Friends Pokemon Go

A datamine has shown a new blessed friends attribute is contained in the code of Pokemon Go. It ensures that a blessed Pokemon after trading.

Update: The newest Pokemon Go upgrade has supported the datamine.

Pokemon Move Update 0.139.2 1.107.2

Update: The newest Pokemon Go upgrade on both the iOS and Android have verified the datamine about the new blessed friends attribute was right. The blessed friends attribute had been theorized but has been verified from the Pokemon Move patches notes.

The upgrade notes do not shed any light on the best way best to become blessed friends or whether it's merely arbitrary. All that's apparent is that you have to be best buddies to achieve that.

The new attribute will inspire players to exchange gifts and much more to be able to have a prospect of getting blessed pals.

Further details of the way the new blessed friends mechanic will operate have not yet been shown.

Lucky Pals

The idea of blessed Pokemon has been part of Pokemon Proceed since July 2018. Chrales, a renowned Pokemon Move dataminer, has revealed the idea of blessed friends too.

The datamine shows onscreen text confirming you've become lucky pals. Another message was discovered saying,"Your following trade with this buddy will be "

What we do know however, is that there will be able to have somebody as a blessed friend that will guarantee a blessed Pokemon if trading.

Whether you may force being a blessed friend with somebody remains to be seen. Additionally, it is not clear how often a transaction with this blessed friend is going to lead to blessed Pokemon.

Lucky Pokemon

Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Move have two advantages. Second, a blessed Pokemon will have minimal IVs of all 12/12/12.

The first element is a massive advantage because stardust is a rare resource in Pokemon Proceed and powering a Pokemon, at least to its entire capacity, is quite expensive. To power a Pokemon in degree 1 to its highest possible level price 270,000 stardust.

The minimal IVs of 12 in each the assault, defense and endurance classes will also be helpful. This usually means a blessed Pokemon is ensured to have an IV of 80%.

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